How Can I Keep My Car’s Carpet Spot-Free

Car carpets are prone to becoming dirty if you use your vehicle frequently. You probably don’t protect car carpets and other automotive accessories¬†effectively, save for the odd vacuuming, since you figure the floor mats will likely take care of most of the dirt and stains.

But if you want to be sure, go under those mats and into the carpet behind the seats because loose dirt, debris, and stains can get in there. Before you realise it, the situation has become an unsightly mess with a foul smell- compelling you to explore car mat prices.

Steps For Cleaning Car Carpet Stains

  1. Prepare The Interior of The Vehicle for Cleaning

Clean your automobile by removing everything you find on the seats and all garbage and debris from the floor before washing the carpet. Take away all personal items as well. Nothing will come in the way when you start cleaning and shampooing as a result of doing this. From the front and back seats, take off the floor mats.

If they are carpet mats, you can prepare them in the same manner that you would your car’s inside carpet. You can also use a steam cleaner to clean vinyl mats, though you might be able to forego pre-treating stains unless you notice an old, persistent stain that has faded the surface.

  1. Clean The Car’s Carpet

Vacuuming the carpet is crucial to protect car carpets as it removes dirt and other tiny loose debris. Use an upholstery brush to remove caked-on mud, salt, and other similar substances if you have any. Now, you can vacuum the carpet carefully and press the attachment firmly into the surface.

Don’t forget to hoover the area surrounding, beneath and behind the pedals. You might need to use a nozzle attachment to access tight crevices and areas under the seats. If the seats in your SUV are detachable, remove them before vacuuming and wait to put them back in until the entire cleaning process is over.

  1. Car Carpet Stains to Remove

Clean the car carpet stains once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the interior. Determine what kind of stains are on the carpet in your car and get the cleaning supplies ready that will help you partially or eliminate the stains.

  • For the most challenging food and lipstick stains, use rubbing alcohol or a synthetic stain remover.
  • The acidity and dark colour of coffee and wine make them some of the worst stains on carpets. Before shampooing the rug, gently wash the stain away with a light detergent and water mixture.
  • You can use a liquid detergent on greasy and oily stains. Apply a bit to the troubled area, only to remove it after 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can use baking soda to eliminate the smell and liquid detergent to clean up organic stains like blood, vomit, and pee.
  1. Cleaning The Carpet

Knowing what shampoo to use to clean automobile carpet stains is essential to protect car carpets. Purchase a car carpet shampoo from your local auto supply or detailing store. However, the formula of regular hair shampoo is not ideal for carpets and could result in discolouration.

Additionally, you would still need to mix water and hair shampoo. If you use too much or too little water, the shampoo won’t work as intended, and you risk ruining your carpet.

Apply or lightly spray the automobile carpet shampoo, being careful not to overdo it because it could be challenging to remove afterwards. Carefully read the product instructions.

Use a tiny, soft-bristled cleaning brush to rub the shampoo into the carpet in circular strokes. Repeat this procedure numerous times on stained areas to remove the stain. Brushing too vigorously can harm the carpet, so be careful not to do it.

Use a dry towel or microfiber to remove the shampoo suds. Some filth penetrating the carpet further may float on the suds for simple cleanup. The drying begins after you have shampooed the carpet and wiped it off.

  1. The Carpet’s Drying

Obtain a clean towel to protect car carpets. To remove any remaining liquid or moisture, firmly press it on the mat. Next, let the air dry the carpet by opening all doors. This might take a couple of hours if drying outside in the sun.

If you feel any damp spots on the carpet, leave them to dry out entirely unless you want to learn how to clean mould out of your car. This is because mould and mildew can grow in any area with moisture.

And That’s It!

Most dirt stains should be easy to remove with this do-it-yourself method for cleaning automobile carpet stains. Employing a professional to give your car’s carpets a deep clean that lasts for tough stains could be necessary. To learn more about practical methods to protect car carpets, contact Carorbis.

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